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Fashionably Afraid

Fashionably Afraid

May 13, 2020 · C.E. Carter

The media surrounding COVID-19 has been, I would estimate, the single largest propaganda campaign in the history of the United States. It seems no matter where you look, there is another feed, another article, or another journalist proclaiming the inevitable slide of the nation into untold pain and suffering due to contagious infection. This is a narrative which runs contrary to what can be reasonably inferred from the data, a topic which I examined in detail in a previous blog post here.

The campaign has been so successful that governors whose actions oppose the established narrative about COVID-19 are seen as “careless renegades” by most of the vocal population. Going back to the way things were in the presence of a relatively harmless and highly contagious infectious disease is the reasonable thing to do, but in a matter of two months, the amount of fear which has been instilled in the hearts of even the toughest and brightest Americans leaves them to question their own rationality. Furthermore, it was successful enough to drown out all semblance of scientific and political dissent which suggested the inefficacy of mitigation efforts, firstly with economic shutdown, wearing masks, and social distancing, and now with the unreasonable regulations which are being imposed on businesses that are reopening. We did not vote on these things as the people, nor was there any informed democratic deliberation among our representatives, nor were these efforts taken with any view to the freedoms endowed on the American people by their Creator. Freedom entails risk, inherently, and it has become the opinion of the rulers and the American people that the risks outweigh the benefits. We are afraid, and like frightened sheep, we defer our own authority to determine our own destiny to human government, and will gladly be lead where we are told to go.

Thus, it has become incredibly fashionable to embrace the “New Normal”, as a strategy far beyond simple optimism to emotionally cope with the current situation. “New Normal” is a paradigm of fear, that means living in perpetual terror of “deadly infectious disease” in the absence of evidence of the existence of such a thing, permanent revocation of First Amendment rights under the guise of “social distancing”, and generational homelessness, poverty, and unemployment from the fascist economic disintegration known as “stay at home”.

And, it’s incredibly fashionable.