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Slaves to Christ

Slaves to Christ

September 26, 2020 · C.E. Carter

No son of Adam, nor daughter of Eve, has ever been free. Scripture is clear: we are either dead men (slaves to sin), or living men (slaves to Christ). We either walk as those condemned by the Law, whose actions are wholly and utterly depraved and devoid of any regard for God, much less love for Him, or we have had our eyes opened to the reality of our sorry state, our need for forgiveness and cleansing from our own shameful deeds, and kneel before God in broken repentance and hatred for the things which we do despite His awesome majesty. Christ, in atoning for our sin, has set us free from it; free to do anything we wish, but free for obedience and for holiness. Having removed our old heart of stone and implanted within us a new heart of flesh, we are granted the ability to love God as He is. We are constrained thusly, between our old ways which we continue in, and our new conscience, which is bound to the Law of God. In this state, we cry out to the Lord, “forgive me my sins, oh God”, and by blessed dispensation of grace, we mortify our Godless ways as those who row to the shores of our King’s country upon rivers of repentant tears. We are not free men: we are either our own, imprisoned by sin, or we are Christ’s, wholly and truly forever, created by Him, saved by Him, adopted by Him, to work for Him, to be loved by Him, and to bring Him glory forever and ever. Freedom is a curse to man, for it merely trades the tyranny of another man for the tyranny of each man unto himself; blessed are those slaves to Christ.