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Put Some Real Shoes On

Put Some Real Shoes On

September 28, 2020 · C.E. Carter

For a while now, whenever I go out in the world, I wear a pair of dress shoes with my outfit. Often, jeans, paired with a tee shirt, a Henley, or a button down shirt, and dress shoes.


Well, by nature, I’m not a very casual person. But more than that, I think men should be intentional about the way they present themselves. A man dressed for an occasion commands a certain amount of respect from people around him. His clothes signify that he thought about what he was going to wear, and that he made those decisions informed by where he was going, what he intended to do, and who he intended to interact with. Sneakers, gym shorts, and a baggy tee shirt are only the right outfit for the occasion of playing pickup basketball, yet this seems to be the preferred, expected, and default attire for many men. This attire in a public and planned setting, like a church service, denotes a kind of apathy that isn’t fitting in the slightest. Put some real shoes on.