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Brace Hard

Brace Hard

October 6, 2020 · C.E. Carter

Andrew Cuomo recently stated to the Orthodox Jewish community, “If you’re not going to live with these [COVID-19] rules, then I’m going to close the synagogues”. Now, to be fair to the Governor, he did seem to express some remorse over this action, citing the long history he has had with the Orthodox Jewish community and the risk of jeopardizing that relationship over the policies he sees necessary. I stumbled on a tweet by The Hill which documents it.

I wouldn’t be so fresh as to draw the parallel between Andrew Cuomo and, say, Diocletian, or Nero. Those would be gross overstatements, and some people talk as if that’s the case. That said, this man has demonstrated, like many in government today, that he has no concept of a transcendent moral lawgiver. His concern is not that he would dishonor God or demonstrate unbelief in the power of God to deliver his state and his nation from this virus. He is just like any other leader in a democracy: concerned only with maintaining good political relationships with his stakeholders, and remorseful that loyalty to some means abandonment of others. He certainly has no reverence for Jesus Christ, and he doesn’t consider Evangelical or Reformed Christians to be important stakeholders whom he owes his loyalty to. Far from it!

If he is willing to throw his Jewish friends under the bus, he will certainly be willing to throw his Christian enemies under as well. Brace hard, roll up your sleeves, and smile, if he deems us to be misbehaving. Maybe call him “skippy” while you’re at it. We honor Andrew Cuomo only insofar as he is a servant of Jesus Christ. Cuomo’s disobedience to Christ in outlawing the gathering of Christians to worship King Jesus is not disobedience that we would be obligated to partake in simply because he is our state governor. A buck private may disobey an insubordinate lieutenant if his orders contradict the orders of a higher command. Thus, the Nuremburg Defense is invalid in the Kingdom of God; we are absolved of sin, not because we were told to sin and could do nothing about what we were told to do, but because we belong to Christ, to whom all authority in heaven and on earth has been given.

That is what “Jesus is Lord” means.