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October 17, 2020 · C.E. Carter

There are two ways that dichotomies can be false. There may be additional options, or there may only be one option. A dichotomy supposes that everything is something and not something else. Sometimes this is right, and sometimes it’s wrong. When it’s wrong, there are either too many options or too few, and this is where people disagree. Those who want to add options assert the existence of a possibilities which haven’t been accounted for. Those who want to take away options say that everything just “is”, with no need for distinctions, unless of course you consider the things which are not “is” as well.

Human beings have trouble with these dichotomies, and the trouble comes from mapping dichotomies onto one another inappropriately. Now, there is an effective dichotomy in the upcoming election. If you want your vote to count, you must ensure that 1) you don’t live in the state of New York, and 2) you vote for a Democrat or a Republican. I have already demonstrated that the platform of the Democratic party promotes evil, and you shouldn’t vote Democrat if you’re a Christian. You’d be tempted, if you weren’t careful, to conclude that I have also demonstrated that the Republican party (the opposite side of the Democrat-Republican dichotomy) is the party of goodness, virtue, and all else that is right in the world (the opposite side of the evil-good dichotomy), and that you should only vote Republican if you’re a Christian (the opposite side of the vote blue-vote red dichotomy). Most people aren’t very good logicians.

I do, in fact, have quibbles with the Republican party too.

American “Conservatism” has castrated itself in a similar fashion as American Evangelicalism. Evangelicalism prostituted herself with worldliness, feminism, social justice, and critical race theory. Conservatism prostituted itself with the moral tenets leftism. “Neo-conservatism” elevated functionally theistically agnostic political theorists to formulate and proselytize their platform. You can be called a “conservative” if you advocate for a limited free market capitalism sprinkled with Keynesian theory, the free exchange of ideas, interventionist foreign policy, the non-aggression principle, and a strange fixation on the nation of Israel. In actuality the neocon experiment is impotent to even preserve even the liberalism it promotes. For example, the “free exchange of ideas” is a great principle for a nation to hold, until, by means of the free exchange of ideas, the majority of the nation begins to believe that there are some ideas which should not be freely exchanged. Conservatism of the kind promoted by Charlie Kirk, Ben Shapiro, Prager University, Dave Rubin, Glenn Beck, and other prominent neocon personalities, is apathetic towards Biblically moral atrocities like state recognition of “gay marriage” and the widespread acceptance of “transgenderism”. Leftists draw the moral hard line on these issues, so why don’t conservatives do the same?

The truth is that conservatism has abandoned the moral foundation upon which it was originally built: Christianity. It’s no wonder why; you can’t name a prominent orthodox Christian neocon personality, or at least, you can’t name one who actually acts like one. Leftists argue for their politics from their canon of critical race theory and social justice, but conservatives don’t have a canon they argue from. Classical liberalism may be argued from the canon of Scripture, but neocons have evidently abandoned Scripture and instead argue their points presuppositionally. “That’s not American”, “that’s not what this country was founded on”, or “that’s morally wrong and we all know it”, “that’s not logical”, are the common retorts. What does it mean to be “American”? What was this country founded on? The Constitution? What was that founded on? How do we know certain things are morally wrong? Which things? How do you know? What is logic? Where does it come from? What moral reason would you cite for the necessity to be logical? What is Dave Rubin’s worldview? Conservatism can’t answer these questions in its present state, so it’s no wonder these are the lines of battle where it is in a full-on retreat.

Conservatives who embrace this line of ideological axioms have made the grave error of thinking they are more clever than God in producing the kind of society that would be pleasing to Him. He has clearly laid out in His word the moral and political standards for the society He wants, and the means of achieving it: like yeast through a lump of dough; the faithful preaching of the Gospel and the diligent discipling of citizens into all righteousness. Period. Where to Democrats I say “you guys are evil because you promote evil”, to Republicans, who are a parody of Conservatism, I say “you guys are evil because you’re idiots: you’ve abandoned Scripture as your standard”.

Come November, I won’t be voting for a platform that I wholeheartedly embrace. I would vote for no platform if I was forced to vote in accordance with my convictions, and any intellectually honest person probably wouldn’t vote either. A vote is a strategic action towards a desired end, not a pledge of allegiance. I’ll be voting Republican, not because I like Republicanism or Conservatism, but because I hope to buy some more time to be hard on my Conservative friends and show them the error of their ways.