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Woke Christians

Woke Christians

October 21, 2020 · C.E. Carter

It doesn’t take prophetic insight to understand that the United States is on the cusp of great social change. With Critical Race Theory and social justice in the public eye and influencing public decisions, Evangelicals have been blindsided by a wave of political and theological dilemmas they were not prepared to deal with. The infiltration of “wokeness” into our churches, even in the Reformed movement, is clear evidence of this confusion. The root, of course, is Biblical illiteracy; Evangelicals have been ill-prepared to answer questions like “what is the Biblical view of justice?”, or “what is the Biblical concept of love?”, or “what is the Biblical role of government?”. When Christian justice, love, and politics are absent from the church, worldly justice, love, and politics gladly take their place. Evangelical churches have become vexing places, filled with vexing creatures; people who hold to the imago dei sanctity of life (do not murder), and yet intend to vote for a political party which encourages the widespread legalization of abortion (read: murder). Having interacted with one of these walking contradictions for a few minutes, and having heard of their vexing politics, you ask them a follow up question: “why?”.

“Well, because it’s the just and loving thing to do. After all, we can’t vote for that man, Donald Trump.”

Those of this camp call this “nuanced dialogue”. It ought to be called what it is: hypocrisy. Hypocrisy, born out of ideological possession of the mind, and materialized for no reason other than to be sure that the society they live in is a better one than anything God has prescribed in scripture. A Woke Christian is technically a schizophrenic. They are two people in one; either a living and breathing manifestation of cognitive dissonance attempting to emulsify two incompatible worldviews together within their skull, or two distinct personalities (one for church, and one for the voting booth). It can only be that, or else, they do not know the actual meaning of what it means to be Woke and what it means to be Christian. Sufficient probing will most likely reveal that they are not really Woke, or worse, they are not really Christian.

The solution to living a double life, or a triple life, or any number of lives, is to end your lives which do not correspond with the truth. In a sense, that is what putting sin to death is; only when we know the Bible can we distinguish truth from falsehood, right from wrong, and righteousness from sin. Abandon your ideology for the truth of Scripture, because the trade is worth it.