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Obey (Christ's) Government

Obey (Christ's) Government

November 14, 2020 · C.E. Carter

In a recent conversation, a left-wing friend of mine said that people who say “racist things” should be physically punished for their actions, as they likely will not repent of their evil speech unless they are imprisoned (or worse). This was telling, to me, of the worldview of the Left. A non-leftist who believes in the First Amendment (freedom of speech and expression) would want to engage a racist in their evil and folly by means of civil discussion, debate, and open dialogue, for the benefit of showing them the error and malevolence of their ideas. The Left, by contrast, sees the First Amendment of the constitution as a hindrance to bringing about the political and social change they see fit. Non-leftists believe that the right to freedom of speech, expression, and assembly are essential liberties which must be protected in all circumstances (even circumstances where someone says something which is evil or sinful) to the end that civil dialogue is the process by which our nation may arrive at truth. As Christians, we understand that truth belongs to God, and therefore we love the truth. And if we love the truth, we must also love the right to gather for the sake of freely expressing ideas to the end of arriving at the truth.

By contrast, the Left’s hatred for the First Amendment of the Constitution displays their hatred for the truth, especially when their ideology of socialism, collectivism, and social justice are at stake. The first thing which will be suppressed in a Leftist takeover of this nation (and indeed the first thing which is expressed in a totalitarian takeover of any nation) is freedom to gather and freedom of speech and expression. This is why the Left allows for unrestricted gathering of some during this pandemic, and the restricted or prohibited gathering of others. BLM was not condemned by the media for their not-so-socially-distanced mass gatherings and riots, but Christians were and are condemned by the media for their peaceful public worship events, psalm-singings, and attendance of church services. Churches are the epitome of free speech venues; 1) churches gather to listen to the word of God preached on a weekly basis, and 2) churches (especially, but not only Reformed churches) foster environments where issues of theology, politics, and worldview are discussed regularly. For the first reason alone, the Left hates churches, and for the second reason alone, churches and other places of religious gathering like Synagogues will be the first targets. Indeed, they already are being targeted by the leftist governors and magistrates of this great nation.

We know, as Christians, that the purpose of gathering is to stir one another up in love and good deeds (Hebrews 10:19-25), as a means of encouraging one another according to the Gospel by which we have been called. Those who believe that shutting down churches and prohibiting the gathering of believers for the sake of being loving (“love your neighbor by staying at home and not spreading the infection you probably don’t have”) or for the sake of doing a good deed (“not spreading the infection you probably don’t have”) have it backwards. Refusing to gather because there’s a slim chance you might be infected with a virus is not loving and also not a good deed; it is the abdication of your responsibility to stir up your brothers and sisters to love and good deeds. Knowingly being infected and staying home from church is a Biblically defensible action known as quarantine (you may have heard of it before), but if you are likely not infected with a virus (and you, dear reader, are not likely infected with COVID-19) then you are commanded to go to church in order to edify your brothers and sisters.

I write this, because we can all feel in our gut that Andrew Cuomo is planning on shutting down the state of New York a second time, for the sake of fulfilling this agenda. COVID-19 is merely a means of justifying the shutdown. We know where Cuomo stands with regards to his views on Christian conviction, and his views on abortion alone are cause enough to conclude a disposition of hatred towards Christians and the Triune God they worship. With what we know about this virus and how deadly it actually is (99.9% for ages 49 and under, by the way), Cuomo’s actions will disobey Constitutional amendments, principles of Liberty, and Christ-exalting ecclesiology, all of which find their foundation in the word of God.